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Testimonial Quotations

“Excellent seminar! Nancy is a good teacher and the information presented will be useful. I would recommend this seminar to all supervisors and anyone wanting to be.”

Gary Bates
AES Shady Point, LLC
Panama, OK


“Nancy has credibility when she speaks and brought valuable examples that could easily be transferred to my job.”

K. Holleman
Sr. Procurement Agent
Matsushita Corporation
Seattle, WA


“Nancy is a very effective speaker, I feel she knows when to move on with the topic to keep your interest. Great working examples were given.”

K. Johnson
Healthcare Resource Group
Post Falls, ID


“Today’s seminar was extremely informative. The speaker gave organized, energetic performance that was interesting and relevant to my daily duties.”

Jeremy Barton
Caterpillar, Inc.
Spokane, WA


“I learned a lot from today’s seminar and I would like to attend another seminar with Nancy as the leader.”

Carolyn Haynes
KR Johnson & Associates
Coeurd ‘Alene, ID


“Nancy kept things moving and interesting. She shared great information the day was exciting and rewarding.”

Mistie Beasley
Teller Supervisor
Numerica Credit Union
Veradale, WA


“Today’s seminar was highly effective. I felt as if this seminar was tailored for me. I learned a lot of new skills and techniques that will help me become more successful, as well as help my team become more successful! Thank You Nancy!”

Kristen Ramsey
Vendor Manager Telesales
Reston, VA


“I loved all the GREAT examples of dealing with and handling difficult situations regarding employees & other Supervisors!!”

G. Tross
Projector Manager
Spokane, WA


“The seminar was excellent due to [Nancy] the Leader’s guidance and personal experiences. It really made us think about the dynamics of our interpersonal contacts.”

Timothy Scheller
V.P of Finance
Thyssen Krupp Bilstein of America
Hamilton, OH


“Nancy is an excellent communicator, her background in Psychology is extremely beneficial - exceptional program!”

Risa Simon
Certified Management Consultant,
Professional Speaker, Published Author
Phoenix, AZ


“Nancy really knows her stuff, the personal experiences and examples were very helpful in tying together the disparate threads that make up [this subject].”

Chris Bowler
Visual Media Specialist, Sr.
General Dynamics
Phoenix, AZ


“I really liked the examples and personal stories that Nancy used in class. She was very skilled and personable. She made it fun and interesting by adding her own ‘flair’ to the subject.”

M. Ainsa
Senior Team Leader
Discover Card
Phoenix, AZ


“It will help me with both my administrator and my employees. I am in charge of MY choices.”

J. Clarke
Northern AZ Orthopedics
Phoenix, AZ


“Nancy used relatable examples to make the experience of learning easier. I felt that I learned a great deal to make me a better manager, employee and person.”

Marissa Moylan
Phoenix, AZ


“Excellent seminar, the content taught will have a positive in my life.”

Nannette Mori
Aurora, CO


“Nancy is an awesome speaker. I learned a lot from her and I can’t wait to utilize what I have learned. Thank You!”

D. Blomme
Glendale, AZ


“This seminar had a lot of useful tools that I can apply immediately at work. Enjoyed Nancy’s humor and real life examples to clarify a point. Instructor kept the pace of presentation to one that did not drag on. Enjoyed the seminar.”

C. Spoon
Frito Lay
Phoenix, AZ


“Loved being part of the Assertive seminar! Learned valuable information to use in all aspects of my life.”

D. Levinson
Boulder, CO


“The program leader [Nancy] is able to connect with the audience in a very positive way and get the main points across with seamless ease - excellent communicator!”

D. Browning
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
Phoenix, AZ


“Nancy was not only informative and bright, but interesting and injected enough comedy to keep the seminar from being boring.”

S. Stapely
The Stratford Company
Phoenix, AZ


“Nancy is an attention getter and very knowledgeable.”

April Reyes
Banner Thunderbird
Phoenix, AZ


“I learned a lot about myself, things that I could improve in handling difficult situations.”

Mary Lou Chacon
Pediatric Neurology Associates
Tucson, AZ


“Today’s seminar was energetic and left me with tools and resources that I feel confident I can use. Thank you.”

Lizzetta Elder
Denver, CO


“I felt that Nancy was very well informed and was a great help for me in my Supervisor Skills.”

Lynn Garcia
Cochise County Government
Tucson, AZ


“[Nancy is] a vivacious person, well organized and smart.”

M. Bryant
Tucson, AZ


“I learned many areas that I need to improve on, that I was formally unaware of, and I gained the tools to implement those changes! Thank you!”

Stephanie Well, R.N.
Nursing Supervisor
Tucson, AZ


“Nancy is a wonderful facilitator. She addresses every issue and subsequent questions thoroughly and she fosters a friendly non-threatening participation atmosphere. This is my second seminar with Nancy and I would recommend her with honor.”

Michael Morgan
Manager Customer Contact
Home Planer
Tucson, AZ


“Nancy is very well spoken and knowledgeable leader. She adds a great sense of humor to her presentation that really captures your attention & makes you want to hear more. This was the best seminar I’ve attended.”

T. Spiridon
Pinnacol Assurance
Denver, CO


“What a wonderful speaker Ms. Harkins is very pleasant and enjoyable to listen to her knowledge is commendable. Thank you for making this an interesting seminar.”

K. Ruiz
Personnel Manager
Adobe OB/GYN


“I enjoyed this seminar very much I’ve learned practical skills that apply both in the workplace and in my personal life. I’ve enjoyed working with Nancy and would like to participate in other seminars she conducts.”

S. Richards
Knoll, Inc.
Denver, CO


“I enjoyed listening to Nancy she made good points, explained well and reminded me of my choices in life as well as my self empowerment. She’s a great speaker.”

Annetta Herrera
March Finance Center
Denver, CO


“Nancy is a wonderful speaker. She kept our attention with wonderful examples. I have never attended a seminar in which I hated to see it end!”

K. Brown
Boulder, CO


“Nancy, you did a great job. This was the best seminar I have attended - the activities were fun & informative - not silly! You did a good job of explaining things in ways that I could understand.”

Kelly Mc Kinsey
Greenwood Valley, CO


“I learned how to use word NO and not feel bad saying NO. How to be assertive. Thank you.”

Julie Mendoza
Denver, CO


“Nancy was great. It was very interesting to hear her life stories - she is very funny and it put the material in perspective. She was great at answering participant’s questions - she made it interesting and pulled us quickly back in to the topic. This was one of the most beneficial seminars I have taken.”

Allison Link
Project Manager
Evergreen Devco, Inc.


“Nancy was a great instructor! Very knowledgeable; pertinent life examples, I think this training class will help me in daily life. Excellent! Thanks.”

Amanda Garfield
Administrative Assistant
City of Peoria


“Nancy is an incredible facilitator & brings many life experiences to her training that really help one to relate. This seminar gives a great variety of tools for communication which are valuable for success in the workplace and at home.”

S. Kalhilihau
Human Resources Manager
Kulicke & Soffa


“I believe I will be less passive and more assertive after listening & learning from Nancy. I will apply these communication techniques to all areas of my life. Thanks Nancy”

Aimee Gwinn
Home Mortgage Consultant


“The day was over too soon! :>) I really enjoyed the seminar and would recommend it to anyone that even thinks they are assertive - I think everyone can learn from Nancy Harkins.”

S. Nettles
Mesa, AZ


“Nancy was very captivating, one of the most expressive program leaders that I’ve experienced...”

Kris Klennert
Donaldson Company
Cresco, IA


“Full of common sense and respectful ways to respond to others - very helpful. A good reminder to treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves.”

Jeanette Eggers
La Crosse, WI


“I feel that I have gotten a lot of information that can be used in my position and effectively handle a difficult person whether it be by phone or in person. Thank you.”

Susan L. King
Tomah Vamc
Tomah, WI


“Nancy was very upbeat, informative and most helpful.”

S. Fish
Century Foods International
Sparta, WI


“Excellent seminar! I think it has given me a lot of ways to improve my performance at work as well as my life! Thanks.”

Tracey More
Mutual of Omaha
Edina, MN


“Nancy was very upbeat and fun to listen to. She’s a very knowledgeable woman with a lot of powerful information. I enjoyed this seminar very much and would highly recommend the seminar as well as Nancy.”

Deanna Griffith
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA


“Very well organized, entertaining and helpful. Learned things that will be useful at work and in daily life.”

Kathryn Townsend
Mercy Hospital
Iowa City, IA


“Nancy was very personable, pleasant and an excellent speaker. Very motivating!! Would recommend her seminar to anyone.”

B. Matters
Iowa City, IA


“Nancy was great she was excellent at delivering a message! Kept your attention all day! Great Day!”

A. Jacobson
Scottsdale, AZ


“Nancy has given me a jump start and felling yet more confident. Such a great speaker! :>)”

Patricia Cassabaum
Worley Dist. Service, Inc.
West Branch, IA


“I was excited when I saw that Nancy was facilitating this course. I feel that Nancy is just awesome! I cannot wait to come to another seminar. Thank you Nancy.”

Kari Maniag
Phoenix, AZ


“Thank you for the real life examples they will help me remember the information! I loved the way you incorporated psychology into the seminar!”

Shawnna Barbarer
Tempe, AZ


“I was very impressed! This seminar was very informative to me and will be useful to me in the future. Thank You Nancy!”

Rita Hafen
Accurate Lien
Scottsdale, AZ

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