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Open Your Heart to Love…

We all long to be loved and accepted. Opening our heart to LOVE is essential for healing all areas of our life. Love for our partners, our family, our friends and even for strangers.

The greatest need of all human beings is LOVE. The greatest fear is disconnection, rejection or abandonment. It is said, by some, that the greatest fear is public speaking, even that is the fear of rejection. If someone does not like my message, they will reject me.

In relationships, some people are willing to settle for anything that, to them, resembles what they know of love. In romantic relationships, many confuse love with the other word LUST. Lust is easy to satisfy. Yet, it lacks that deep, meaningful love that is born out of emotional intimacy.

Real love, that deep meaningful love, is born out of emotional intimacy and is created based on secure adult attachment and connection. It is that experience one may have when they lock eyes with their beloved from across a crowded room and can feel what the other is experiencing. This is interdependency, knowing the other has your back and they have yours.

Pia Mellody says, expressing feelings and sharing feelings is the foundation of true intimacy.

The risk of sharing and expressing emotions is scary because it requires the willingness to be vulnerable. Therefore, it is essential that the relationship be a safe place to do so.

It is possible to develop emotional intimacy and experience real love. In my practice, I facilitate Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and it is a process and a journey, not a quick fix. Emotional intimacy is not reserved only for committed partners. You can create safety and develop emotional intimacy within other relationships. If you are willing, you will open your heart to love.